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Cerulean Warbler Bird Reserve

Partner - ProAves Foundation

This fabulous 545 acre Colombian Oak forest reserve is a small but significant relict of a unique ecosystem that has been devastated across the Eastern Andes of Colombia. A sad reflection is the extraordinary concentration of threatened bird species at the site, including the highest number of Critically Endangered species in the America’s (Gorgeted Wood-Quail, Chestnut-bellied Hummingbird and Colombian Mountain Grackle). The reserve and surrounding shade coffee farms are also a Mecca for North American migrants, including a core wintering area for the rapidly declining Cerulean Warbler.

In 2005, with support from Robert Giles and American Bird Conservancy, the reserve was established with a 45 acre shade coffee farm added to establish a comfortable lodge and develop Cerulean Warbler Conservation Coffee. The reserve now buffers the recently established Yariguíes National Park.

The reserve boosts an impressive 150 year old stone path called “Camino de Lengerke” that was a vital trading route between the Magdalena river and interior. The meter wide trails gently winds up the Yariguíes mountain from the subtropical coffee plantations into the oak forest reserve.

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