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Bird List by Altamirano Guerrero et al. 2010
Blog posted December 23, 2011
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Waqanki (Quebrada Mishquiyaquillo or Mishquiyacu)

Partner - Luciano Troyes and Asociación Ecosistemas Andinos - ECOAN

Waqanki is a private family-run reserve in the Mayo Valley on the outskirts of Moyobamba. This site is often known as Quebrada Mishquiyaquillo or Quebrada Mishquiyacu by birders. It is an excellent site to stop between Tarapoto to the south and other endemism hotspots further west such as Huembo, Abra Patricia, Huembo and Gotas de Agua. The Quiscarrumi bridge, where oilbirds can be seen, is only about a half hour drive towards Tarapoto. Both Owlet Lodge at Abra Patricia and Tarapoto are about 2-2.5 hours drive distance from Waqanki. Waqanki provides access to a large variety of habitats, including excellent hill forest on outlying ridges, sandy-soil forests, and savannah/scrub.

Black-throated Hermit, Waqanki by Dan Lebbin

The lodge features bungalows, and orchid garden, trails, and a hummingbird garden with many flowering bushes, feeders, and a three-story observation tower. Over 25 hummingbird species have been recorded here so far. .

Feeders at Quebrada, Waqanki by Dan Lebbin

Birding highlights by habitat/area at Wanqanki include:

Ridge, forest, and shade coffee uphill: Rufescent Screech-Owl, Band-bellied Owl, Rufous Potoo, Ash-throated Antwren, Stripe-chested Antwren, Foothill Antwren, Feiry-throated Fruiteater, White-bellied Pygmy-Tyrant, aureopectus subspecies of Striped Manakin, Feiry-capped Manakin, Black-and-white Tody-Flycatcher,

Hummingbird/orchid garden & tower: Rufous-crested Coquette, Mishana Tyrannulet, Black-bellied (Huallaga) Tanager, Golden-rumped Euphonia.

Savanna and dry forests downhill: Varzea Thrush (just described in 2012!), Stripe-necked Tody-Tyrant, Rufous-backed Antwren, Spot-tailed Nightjar.

Black-bellied Tanager, Waqanki by Dan Lebbin

ABC’s partner ECOAN is working with Waqanki to promote birding tourism along with other sites across the Northern Peru Birding Route. Visitors to Waqanki can also stop at the nearby Hospedaje Ecológica Rumipata resort and restaurant, only a few minutes away, operated by Seizo Siraishi and his wife. They are Japanese immigrants to Peru and serve up a bounty of fresh food, including vegetables from their garden, and tilapia from their fish ponds. While you eat lunch here you can watch a diversity of tyrant flycatchers (e.g. Ecuadorian Tyrannulet) around the fish ponds, hummingbirds at feeders, and a noisy colony of oropendolas and caciques. They too offer overnight accommodations, and are expanding the trails leading into good hill forest habitat. This lodge is also next door to the popular San Mateo thermal baths.

Rufous-crested Coquette, Waqanki by Dan Lebbin

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